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Stellchem Hand Sanitizer

77% Ethyl Alcohol – Made In Canada

Quality, custom formulated Hand Sanitizer, manufactured for the Healthcare sector, is now available for businesses concerned about the health and safety of their employees and customers.

Rhino Wood Repair

Easy to use, just scrape away loose paint/stain with a scraper. Sand if necessary. Remove any decayed or damaged wood. Remove any grease, oil, dirt or other debris from area to be repaired. Apply Rhino-Pre Treat, then the Rhino products let dry at least 24 hours, sand, then paint.
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Custom Formulating

At Stellchem, we can custom formulate an adhesive to meet your specific requirements. We have a number of customers whom we are currently supplying specific formulated adhesives to meet their specific need.

Water Based Adhesives

Stellchem’s water-based adhesives are suitable for many industries including assembly, automotive, construction, furniture, footwear, packaging, woodworking, insulation and laminating, leather, foam, textile and custom formulated applications.

Products are available in pails, drums, tote tanks and other packaging suitable to the customers requirements.


Stellchem 2000 Series which consists of three specially formulated products.
Excellerator 7A11F increases the cure speed of Cyanoacrylates.
Debonder CA00 removes cured cyanoacrylate adhesive from various surfaces.
The Surface Insensitive Series bonds acidic and porous substrates under low humidity conditions.
High Performance Series which is an instant bonding, single component product line that bonds all close-fitting smooth surfaces in seconds.
Rubber Toughness Series is super resistant to impact, vibration, high temperature and humidity.

Hot Melt

Stellchem offers a large variety of hot melt adhesives for use in general assembly, automotive, packaging and woodworking industries. These products are available in chicklets, slugs, menashas, blocks, drums and glue stick form.

Solvent Based

Stellchem offers solvent based adhesives for automotive, construction, general assembly, foam and upholstery industries.


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