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Stellchem will provide our customers with innovative solutions for their adhesive and protective packaging needs in a dependable and supportive manner.

We will encompass a win-win-win atmosphere which includes suppliers and customers. This winning environment will extend to all employees.

Stellchem will actively participate in this process in a professional and dependable manner, empowering all to achieve excellence.

Protective Packaging - Corrufoam & CorrufoamEdge
Corrufoam & CorrufoamEdge

Custom corrugated grades and foam densities are available to produce a superior protective packaging product. Available in custom designed lengths & widths to your specific requirements and in either one-sided Corrufoam protection or two-sided Corrufoam protection. CorrufoamEdge, meets the specific needs of furniture, cabinets, case goods, automotive parts, glass components and finished goods with delicate surfaces in need of protection from bumps and scrapes.


Stellchem 2000 Series which consists of three specially formulated products.
Excellerator 7A11F increases the cure speed of Cyanoacrylates.
Debonder CA00 removes cured cyanoacrylate adhesive from various surfaces.
The Surface Insensitive Series bonds acidic and porous substrates under low humidity conditions.
High Performance Series which is an instant bonding, single component product line that bonds all close-fitting smooth surfaces in seconds.
Rubber Toughness Series is super resistant to impact, vibration, high temperature and humidity.
Stellchem has a large variety of hot melt adhesives for use in general assembly, automotive, packaging and woodworking industries.
Stellchem offers solvent based adhesives for automotive, construction, general assembly, foam and upholstery industries.

Adhesive Application Equipment For Sale
Stellchem offers re-furbished hot melt equipment, water-based spray and extrusion equipment at forty percent of list price. New equipment available includes a variety of hot melt equipment, spray equipment, extrusion equipment and adhesive application guns for glue sticks.

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